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Solenoid Valve Repeat Cyclic, Single Shot, Delay Timers

Repeat cycle timers, single shot timers and delay shot timers are supplied with either ISO 43650A form A and ISO 43650B form B fitment that typically fit directly between the solenoid valve coil and electrical Din connector without the need for additional time consuming wiring or cost of fitting. The most common repeat cycle timer in the market today is the SVT22 ISO 42650A (Square fitment both sides) repeat cyclic timer that are suitable for solenoid valves ranging from 24 volt to 240 volt AC or DC voltage as standard with a maximum current rating of 1 Amp. Standard fully adjustable power ON-time to solenoid valve options and adjustable OFF-time to solenoid valve options are shown below.
Other special cyclic solenoid valve timer options include:

Other special cyclic solenoid valve timer options include:
Single Shot timer 
- adjustable on-time and then indefinite OFF-time - Delay Timer
Adjustable OFF time and then indefinite ON-time.
Delayed repeat cycle - Adjustable OFF-time and then adjustable ON-time.

Ambient temperature -40°C - +60°C
Adjustable interval and discharge Times
Mounting: Any position
CE Tested
Weight 80g
Fully Automatic - no maintenance
Simple to install
SVT22 fit all DIN43650A coils
SVT11 fit all DIN 43650B coils
Cyclic Timer
Solid State
24 -240v AC/ DC
Type SVT22 + SVT11
Solenoid Valve Cyclic Timer 
Common Solenoid Valve Timer Models
Connection Type
Connector Type
Power Off Cycle adjustment
Power On Cycle adjustment
Part Number

DIN 43650A
ISO 4400
0.5 - 45 Minutes
0.5 - 10 Seconds

25 - 150 Minutes
0.5 - 10 Seconds

0.5 - 45 Minutes
20 - 300 mSecs
0.5 - 10 Seconds
0.5 - 45 Minutes
0.5 - 45 Minutes
0.25 - 5 Minutes
0.5 - 60 Minutes
0.25 - 5 Minutes
DIN 43650B
ISO 6952
1-120 Mins
Fixed 2 seconds

Special options and custom design features generally available upon request
Typical options
Manual test switch
LED Power ON light
LED Power OFF light
Single shot solenoid valve timer, adjustable on-time and indefinite off-time
Tec 11 Repeat cycle solenoid timer with fixed off-time and adjustable on-time
12vDC – 440vAC – 10 Amp version – limitless time scale availability

Voltage (24 - 240v
AC or DC)
Continuous duty 100%
Power Consumption
Power Connection
Electrical connections
4 mA Max
1 Amp Max
IP 65
with connector
3 spades
DIN 43650
DIN 40050
VDE 0110
Housing material ABS plastic FR Grade

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